Thursday, August 2, 2007

Symbolism of colors?

I watched the colors of given bunch of flowers and thought of how confusing it used to be. These unspoken words, people used to connect to colors..

Yellow; light, lustre, glory, color of the sun, envy, treason (Easter, spring). White; joy, feast, truth, purity, liturgical color for the feasts of Christmas, Epiphany, Easter and the Easter period, used at baptisms, weddings and sometimes funerals. (joy, tenderness, love). Red; love, suffering, sacrifice (struggle, love, joy, passion, courage). Pink; light breaking through, liturgical color on the third Sunday of Advent (Caudate) and the fourth Sunday of Lent, (Laetare) (soft tender love, happiness).

Do I dislike an unclear situation by nature? Or is it because I had enough of it in the past? Vague under-cover ghosts? I used to fear spoken words and seek shelter in images. But nowadays I tend to like honest clear messages.
A quest for the secure. Avoiding situations as mentioned below.