Monday, October 8, 2007

shadow and battle

When a battle takes place, it will most of the time be one big chaotic mess. Hasty decisions have to be taken and one can't always judge what's best. When humans fight, they're in the middle of it and can't see everything maybe because they also tend to carry along emotions.. This makes them human (inhuman in extreem situations). Fear, desire to protect, desire for protection, love towards the one, hate towards another, sometimes mixed, irritation, fatigue, ego's, unanswered questions, desires... And the horrors: death, thirst, hunger, pain, loss, gain.. The list is endless and the ones fighting the battle don't tend to talk about it, not while fighting it and not after, they might quote a detail but will quickly realise only the ones who fought similar battles will understand it. In that case explanations are not needed and so things again are not discussed. Shame and pride go hand in hand. One needs to be very brave to hold a mirror and remain in contact with oneself looking at it. Conscience from the latin word 'con' (with) and 'scire' (know) also means being privy to, sharing in the knowledge of usually something private or secret.

The ones at the side line not involved (not supporting, being able to support or wanting to support) make comments based on what they see from a distance or based on the knowledge of what happened after it all happened, thinking things were clear back then as well.

They even might consider the warrior to be a winner or a looser!
How can you make them clear they are living their own reality as we all are?

Then comes a new battle with those who pretend to have a conscience. Unless... One does not want to start this new battle and accept winning is not fighting at all.
But how can one acquire this knowledge without having had to fight for it?

So the ones knowing it, fought it and lost it, to be able to understand it and the ones not knowing it, never fought it and don't know there is no winner. Just their judgement, these do not fear to speak out loud as they do not realise how silly it sounds. Should we forgive them? Who are we to forgive. So we just let it be.

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